War Zone Disability Income Insurance!

You’ve hear me talk about war zone or dangerous area life insurance for civilian contractors in numerous posts and you may have inadvertently not connected the disability income feature or product that is also available. Just like the military there are far more wounded than killed, often doing something that in the rest of the world would be safe, driving from one place to another.

With the advent of IED’s there are far more contractors in danger of being disabled by loss of limbs and traumatic brain injury than losing their life. This obviously leaves them usually with loss of limb or limbs in a disabled state, unable to continue work at least until rehab is finished, sometimes never. Long term disability insurance, in the absence of personal wealth, is truly the only answer. And I’m just guessing there aren’t a lot of high net worth civilian contractors in Iraq, Afghanistan or near the Syrian area.

So mostly we talk about AD&D, accidental death and dismemberment, which pays for accidental death up to the face amount of the policy in the event of accidental death, even due to acts of war or terrorism with a few exceptions. Those are that you can’t be actively involved in fighting and as to terrorism, it won’t cover weapons of mass destruction. Dismemberment speaks for itself, but does also have some limitations. It will pay up to the death benefit for the loss of two limbs, but only half if the loss is one limb. The dismemberment benefit is limited to the amount of accidental death coverage which can be purchased up to an amount equal to 10 times your annual income.

Then there is APTD, accidental permanent total disability, which is available on AD&D plans. If you were permanently disabled it would pay up to the AD total which again could be as much as 10 times your annual income.

And importantly is the ease of getting this coverage even when you already on the job in a war zone or dangerous area. It can all be done electronically and, as we have with most clients we can have it in force within just a few days whether you are still here in the states or deployed. So, whether planning ahead or going, OMG (how could I have forgotten that), we can get the coverage you need effective quicker than anywhere else in the industry. Please call or email if we can be of assistance or if you have questions. We can help.

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