HIV+ Life Insurance Finally Gets Fair Shake!

To give you an idea just how sick I was of the way the life insurance industry has treated even the best of the best when it comes to managing their HIV, I and a group of life insurance professionals with my experience or longer in impaired risk life insurance were in the beginning stages […]

Marijuana Business Snubbed For Business Life Insurance!

Because of the potential and even threatened fray between federal and state governments over the legality of cannabis growing and sales, the owners of the businesses involved are caught between a rock and a hard place when it come to their legitimate need for business life insurance. Traditional US companies don’t want to be in […]

12 Reasons To Use Risk Life!

Finding a life insurance agent, especially one that is well educated in impaired risk life insurance(illness) and high risk (occupations, hobbies, etc) cases, isn’t done by the luck of the draw. You can’t just go to the phone book (like anyone does that today) or the internet and hope you make an informed decision. I […]

Worth Considering?

I’m a Christian, a follower of my Lord Jesus Christ and it is with no small concern that I have watched the escalating bias and hatred and even killing of my brothers and sisters especially in the last 20 years, especially in the last 5 years. Depending on where the information comes from hundreds of […]

Can We Cover That Risk?

Are there risks that life insurance simply can’t or won’t cover? The simple answer to that, if you’re talking about traditional life insurance is yes. There is risk that is simply too great for them to cover within their guidelines and pricing, but the good news is that their are a few companies out there […]

Is It Life Insurance Or Not?

I had a potential customer get upset with me the other day because I couldn’t provide him a 30 year term life insurance policy. It wasn’t because he had medical history that precluded a life insurance approval, but rather his job. Pretty innocuous really. He works as an accountant, but his office is in Timbuktu […]

War Zone Disability Income Insurance!

You’ve hear me talk about war zone or dangerous area life insurance for civilian contractors in numerous posts and you may have inadvertently not connected the disability income feature or product that is also available. Just like the military there are far more wounded than killed, often doing something that in the rest of the […]

Family Protection In Dangerous Times

I got an email from a guy working with a security service in Afghanistan today wondering if he could get life insurance protection for his family in spite of his location and his job risk. The answer to both is yes. Since civilian contracting in post war and war zones began we have been able […]

NCIS Afghanistan Question!

So I got a call yesterday from someone in the TV business working on an NCIS like show and they wanted to know, if it were real life which it probably is, could I get those guys life insurance to go into Afghanistan and do some of the things they do. I guess everyone watches […]

Does Your Life Insurance Cover Acts Of War And Terrorism?

If there is anything I’m not in this business, it’s the proverbial ambulance chaser. So forgive me as I write this but keep in mind that I am not here to scare you into buying life insurance you don’t need, but rather to give you the good news that, in most cases, you already have […]