Traditional Versus Specialized Risk Insurance

Risk Life has had to expand beyond traditional life insurance companies in order to fully serve our
international and higher risk clients. Traditional insurance companies are those companies we use for
most of our impaired risk cases. They are top notch when it comes to underwriting things like private
aviation, health impairments from heart disease to cancer and more, and foreign travel when it is
limited in duration and is done in places that aren’t intrinsically dangerous.

Traditional companies serve us well in all types of life insurance, personal, business and estate planning,
as long as there is clear insurability and as long as it doesn’t hold complications in a business policy
such as having partners or principles in the business outside of the US. While it can sometimes still be
written with foreign interests involved with a traditional US company, sometimes the logistics are pretty

At times like that we can turn to non-traditional or specialized companies such as Lloyds of London or
the Houston Casualty Company. The specialty companies can overcome health issues with the ability
to exclude them. Traditional life insurance companies, by law, are hard pressed to exclude a single
impairment where a non-traditional company can write Executive life insurance for business purposes that
excludes, for instance, the prostate. We handled a case a few months ago where a business construction
loan was needed right away for a doctor and he had to provide executive  insurance in order to close on the
loan. Because he had just been diagnosed with prostate cancer and had yet to even start treatment,
he was a year or more away from being approved by a traditional company. Risk Life was able to put
together the $1.8 million policy in less than a week through HCC.

Lloyds of London is our go to company for high risk occupations such as contract work in war zones,
car and motorcycle racing and missionary work in dangerous areas of the world. They also provide the
coverage we need for high risk activities such as mountain climbing, sky diving, base jumping, airplane
stunt activities and racing, and event coverage.

They also insure US and foreign professional athletes for death or disability and high school and college
athletes who are clearly on their way to the pros and have an insurable interest in that future.

Risk Life has positioned itself to be able to serve any situation we are presented at the best possible cost
and with the quickest service. Whether it is all traditional, all specialty or a combination of the two, we
can put together what it takes to cover your risk.