Prescription Drug Abuse

If there was ever an underwriting issue that seemed to pop up overnight and take on major significance
it has to be the problem of prescription drug abuse and how to underwrite the problem post treatment.
With statistics showing that 95% of all prescription pain medication is prescribed and consumed in the
US, this isn’t just a blip on the radar that will fade away.

At Risk Life we are especially seeing the need for life insurance post treatment in medical professionals.
Whether dentists, dermatologists or surgeons, they all have the same tool that can turn the use into
abuse, the ability to write their own prescriptions and often colleagues that are willing to look the other
way and enable the problem.

The good news is this same group all hold licenses that are put on probation while they complete
extensive treatment along with agreeing to random drug tests for prolonged periods. Even then they
are looking at usually best case three years post treatment before they can get approved and more than
five years before rates start approaching the standard end of the scale. We have been able to get a few
highly rated cases placed just two years post treatment but it’s almost like the word “exceptional” has to
have been stamped on each page of their records.

For those who have been through treatment but don’t have the stringent requirements and needs
(license) underwriters are really leaning hard toward the five year post treatment requirement. At
Risk Life we have started recommending that clients who aren’t required to take random drug tests
post treatment set it up through their doctor of the treatment facility to do it anyway. It’s that kind of
commitment to clean and sober that puts underwriters more at ease.