Prostate Cancer and PSA

The whole subject of prostate cancer life insurance, prostate cancer screening, prostate biopsies and
elevated PSA is changing rapidly with the medical community finally acknowledging that the PSA isn’t
an accurate indicator or prostate cancer. The old days of an elevated PSA leading to an immediate
needle biopsy are drawing to a close. Watchful waiting is becoming more prevalent in the absence of a
skyrocketing PSA.

Alternate testing such as the recently introduced PHI and PCA3 tests, blood and urine tests respectively
appear to be on their way to the follow up of choice to see what’s really going on with an elevated PSA.
These tests have proven to be more accurate than biopsies since they actually test for a gene that is only
present when there is prostate cancer.

Prostate cancer and PSA life insurance underwriting is starting to embrace both watchful waiting and
the less invasive tests. For the first time ever life insurance companies are accepting watchful waiting as
legitimate treatment. That’s been a tough underwriting bullet to bite because the cancer threshold has
always been that insurance would be considered after successful treatment.

Risk Life never makes an assumption that even untested guidelines will remain the same. We
pursue each case on its merits and engage underwriters in discussion whenever some new medical
breakthrough happens.