HIV Life Insurance

HIV Life Insurance Coverage

Basic HIV Positive:

Since the 1980s, HIV+ patients have been denied access to fully underwritten, traditional, life insurance programs.  The only option available for those wanting life insurance was to purchase a guaranteed issue HIV life insurance option.  The day has finally come that insurers and reinsurers are willing to approve and underwrite HIV+ cases.  These cases can only be approved if the virus was detected and complied with early and controlled through aggressive medical treatment.

Because new HIV treatment has been so successful, a significant quantity of people currently infected will be able to qualify.  One of the only downfalls at this point is that the maximum amount of coverage per applicant will only be $1 million.  While there is a “perfect client,” the scenarios listed below are the basic underwriting guidelines.

  1. Diagnosis of HIV positive made 3+ years before application
  2. Anti-retroviral treatment has been administered to client consistently for 3+ years
  3. Undetectable viral load
  4. Normal range of CD4 lymphcyte count.  CD4 baseline and nadir are required upon beginning the application process
  5. Custmer has NO past Hepatitis C infections
  6. Customer has NO past intravenous drug use
  7. Customer has NO past AIDS defining illnesses

Those are the basic HIV life insurance guidelines.  People that currently have HIV and doctors/healthcare providers that treat the virus are aware that these guidelines are not overly stringent.  A better way of explaining this is that there really should be many well controlled HIV cases that fit this criteria.  The guidelines below help paint a picture of what an underwriter would look for in a “perfect case.”  (The above basic underwriting guidelines must also be met).

Perfect HIV Positive:

  1. Diagnosis of HIV positive made in the age range of 20-39
  2. Customer has lived HIV positive for over 5 years and has consistently and compliantly documented their treatment
  3. Customer had HIGH CD4 count when the diagnosis was made.  (Note:  A CD4 count of 200-500 falls into the intermediate phase; a CD4 count lower than 200 will increase the risk of opportunistic infections and cancers related to AIDS).  Long term mortality is predicted by CD4 nadir (the lowest value).
  4. Customer had low viral load when diagnosis was made
  5. Scheduled blood work is consistently regular (this includes liver and renal function)
  6. No presence of Hepatitis B surface antigen
  7. Customer does NOT smoke (Mortality of HIV+ patients is significantly increased by smoking)
  8. Customer is practicing safe sex or in an exclusive relationship currently if the HIV virus was caught through unprotected sexual interactions
  9. Customer has no early signs of renal disease or coronary artery disease

It is important to understand the huge difference that has been made in the past month.  We are now able to offer full underwritten HIV life insurance to customers that are HIV positive.  While this plan will not work for everyone diagnosed with HIV, it will give many with HIV an appropriate life insurance policy instead of the small coverage offered through guaranteed issue offers.  Business people living with HIV+ finally have the opportunity to get the HIV life insurance coverage they require.  Professionals, from entertainment to athletes, can at last find an HIV insurance provider that gives them the coverage they deserve.  Gay couples, regardless of if one or both partners are HIV+, will be able to get the HIV life insurance coverage that they were never able to before.  Please contact me if you would like a quote for HIV life insurance, or have any additional questions.