What We Do With An Unexpected Result

Somehow perfection has eluded us even though we get better with each client we work with.
Sometimes we miss something or sometimes the labs results from your insurance exam have a result
that neither you nor we could have anticipated. Sometimes in spite of all of hard work we end up with
a decline or a rate that just isn’t going to work. I say we because unless you walk away we’re still on a
mission together.

One of our best competitors nailed it when he said, “Sometimes the first step to an approval is a
decline and the best thing about being declined is you know exactly what needs to be addressed to get

What do we do with an unexpected result? We add the information learned from the decline and shop
it again. We already have an exam and the medical records so the redo is usually much quicker and since
we’re going in with all of the skeletons out of the closet we have good reason to expect success.

Occasionally the new information changes the picture radically enough that we aren’t able to get an
approval, at least not right away. It is our intention to succeed for you so we always go back to the
underwriters and ask, “if not now, when and what do they need to see change in order to approve the
application?” We then review that with you and set a tickler to check in with you each year until we get
the job done. We take your desire to have life insurance to protect your family seriously.