War Zone Risk Isn’t All About Soldiers!

While wars rage on, with Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria it’s an ever changing scene. While the US and its’ allies have done their best (or not in the case of Syria) to bomb the enemy into submission, there is another set of war casualties that often doesn’t get coverage and in some cases is higher than the armed combat troop casualties. There have been periods of time in all of these conflicts when civilian contractor deaths have been higher than those actually fighting the war.

These high paying, but very dangerous jobs, lure all sorts of specialists, back to the war zones after they leave the military. They offer counter terrorism consulting, rebuilding of infrastructure, security contracting all the way from basic base security to high level mobile security and now, within the last year, ex soldiers signing up to actively participate in fighting against ISIS. My guess we’ll see a rise in that type of employment as local armies take over more and more of the left behind American weapons and lack the expertise to use it to its’ full advantage.

While most civilian contractors think ahead and get coverage through us for the possible accidents and acts of war and terrorism they will face, many wait until their departure is imminent or until they are actually on the ground and surrounded by the risk. The last minute thing is often out of necessity since a lot of the companies working there don’t tell you you’re leaving until the last minute. We’re well equipped to help those of you who need the coverage at a good price and need it quickly or need it after you get there. With just a small amount of information we can have a proposal emailed to you within a few hours, and depending on your ability to respond, we can have it in force as quickly as you can electronically return the application and payment authorization.

There are situations that can take a few days longer with variables such as who the contracting company is, what area they are sending you to, or, as with groups who are contracting to fight, a full assessment of the risk to determine if underwriters will offer coverage at all. If you have questions or need quotes for planning or coverage as soon as you can get it, call or email us. We can help.

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