Drug treatment and use

Underwriters recognize that, just like them, a lot of people experimented to some extent with drugs
during college or in their early 20’s. As long as you are well removed from that period of your life it
shouldn’t affect underwriting. Current or recent drug use is another subject altogether. Current, other
than pot, isn’t going to fly. Recent is going to have to have some years, at least three to five.

If you sought treatment, depending on the drug and how deep you were down the hole, count on three
to five years post treatment. Any relapses and you really need to start over.

Risk Life has successfully worked with numerous cases of past drug use and treatment and the
difference between that and failures or the other declines seems to be how candid and honest you are
willing to be. If an underwriter is presented a trial that is undercut by facts in medical records they don’t
want your business.