Alcohol abuse, DUI

First let’s address an issue that you would think would never be a problem. If you have had a drinking
problem in the past that is truly in the past, make sure your medical records reflect that change. Too
often doctors don’t really go through the social questions in your medical records at each visit, or even
annually. Things get carried forward just as they were originally written. You could have quit smoking
10 years ago and drinking 8 years ago and your records could very well say you smoke a pack a day and
drink a six pack a night. It’s your doctor’s fault but it’s your responsibility.

We have some companies that are really great with DUI. If it is a standalone occurrence (no other record
of drinking issues), we have been able to get approval as soon as three months after the occurrence.
If there has been a history of occasional heavy drinking and you quit drinking after the DUI it will likely
be a year before you can be approved for life insurance. If you continue to drink most underwriters
conclude that you are in denial about the problem and either decline or very highly rate any approval

they give. If you have two DUI’s in your past and you still drink you will be declined. If you have quit
drinking it might be approved depending on circumstances. More than two, still drinking or not, you just
aren’t going to find favor in the underwriting department.

With treatment, depending on the severity of the pretreatment problem, you might be able to get
approved one year post treatment as long as there have been any relapses and you are attending a
support group such as AA. Usually three years is a safer bet. If you are “occasionally” having a glass
of champagne at a wedding underwriters get that you didn’t get it and won’t approve you. Multiple
treatment programs are tough to find an approval for until you have a five to ten year run of sobriety.

At Risk Life we fully research each case and try to find an approval and if we can’t we find out, if not
now, when. We will stick with you until you have insurance. You stay sober and we’ll take care of the