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So I got a call yesterday from someone in the TV business working on an NCIS like show and they wanted to know, if it were real life which it probably is, could I get those guys life insurance to go into Afghanistan and do some of the things they do. I guess everyone watches television but I don’t much. I have seen a few of the NCIS shows where they go into Afghanistan to kill someone, or to rescue someone, knowing that in order to do so they will have to kill someone. So, two things stuck out in this scenario that would ultimately be deal killers as far as me being able to arrange war zone coverage, foreknowledge of being involved in the war actively, and affiliation with the Navy.

I provide war zone coverage for civilian contractors all the time, before they leave, but often after they are already there. It seems one of the common threads for a lot of first time employees over there is that they have to wait for their first pay check to put a policy in force, just an aside I know, but the reason that many put policies in force after arriving there. But we have requirements to provide the accidental death and dismemberment insurance with coverage for acts of war and terrorism.

  1. They have to be a US citizen, resident or be employed by a US company. (Check group coverage if the company offers it to make sure you’re covered overseas)
  2. They have to be employed by a known company whose activities are established and fall within boundaries set up by the underwriters. They can’t be members of the military.
  3. The boundary of not being an active participant in the war. It doesn’t mean they can’t defend themselves or even carry a gun for self defense, but actively looking for someone to shoot, not OK.

Assuming these requirements and good health we can get coverage in place within just a few days, sometimes as little as a 24 hour period if everything is acted on quickly and a lot of things falls into place. So back to our NCIS question above. In this case, at least the few episodes I saw there was no question that active participation in the war was anticipated. They were rescuing a hostage. They knew ahead of time that they would be using the guns and knives and whatever else they had. To give you an offset idea of how almost the same scenario would play out with rescuing a hostage, try this. A person is employed by a US firm as a security expert to guard an ambassador. Something happens and someone nabs the ambassador and the prudent and timely thing to do is chase them down and do what is necessary to get the ambassador back. That would be covered. A civilian contractor pulled into a situation doing the job he was hired to do and insured to do. If he died in the process the claim would be covered.

More and more we are running into situations where potential insureds would be turned down and are turned down if or when the true nature of their work is known. At some point there may be insurance for active combatants, but not yet. If you have questions or need coverage for your job overseas, whether in war zones or the mission field, call or email us directly. We can help.

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