Mood Disorders

Mood disorders in general do not get a fair hearing from most life insurance companies. We have seen
cases where people have taken anxiety medication, appropriately during very stressful times, and then
moved on. Year later because they were honest and admitted that for six months, eight years ago they
needed a little help, Company A will rubber stamp them as a standard rate class risk. Never mind that
they finished medical school, residency, got married, had children, built a successful practice and are
stable in every way it can be measured. At Risk Life we go to company B and get preferred plus rates for
the exact same situation.

We have helped professionals and stay at home mothers, physicians and airline pilots, CEO’s and
ranchers who have been on the wrong end of a poorly thought out underwriting decision get back on
track with an approval that matches the reality on the ground.

Unfortunately because the hugely overwhelming number of life insurance companies are still operating
out of past mortality risk life insurance fears, the chances of a consumer having a bad experience and
really fighting to find a different outcome is small. They settle for having overpriced life insurance in
force and go on with life. For those who feel like they have just been unfairly gut punched there is Risk
Life Insurance standing ready to turn things around.