Depression life insurance is treated by underwriters of most companies as if today was 50 years ago
and there was a real stigma to being diagnosed with depression and, if it was bad enough to be treated
medically, you were definitely off your rocker. What we now know as situational depression or mild
depression is still a cause for concern to many underwriters, but as a society and for some underwriters
it has finally been put in context. Treating a depressive reaction to events in our lives, or for that matter
the world we live in, is a good thing. Risk Life has found underwriters that will underwrite medically
treated mild depression the same as they would treated cholesterol or blood pressure. It’s far better
treated than left to take its’ own uncontrolled direction.

As agents at Risk Life we try to ask some tough questions up front. In order to properly handle your
situation we need to know the severity of it and how long the depression has been going on and how it
impacts or has impacted your life. Underwriters give better rates to those with good control and long
term stability in their marriage, social and work lives. These are the people who, unless they told you,
you would never guess they were being treated for anything.

Tougher cases with chronic depression (long term), that may include past hospitalization or even suicidal
thoughts can still get approved at affordable rates depending on the specifics. Just an FYI, taking Prozac
for 10 years is not necessarily chronic depression. For many of us, finally feeling better and being more
upbeat is not something we don’t want to mess with. The underwriters we use agree.