Bipolar Disorder 1 and 2

There are few more misunderstood mood disorders than bipolar 1 and bipolar 2. Except for the handful
of companies we work with, it’s safe to say that underwriters for the rest of the companies probably
enjoy getting an application for someone with bipolar disorder. It speeds up the work process when you
can pull out that rubber stamp, decline it and move on to the next case. No thought process. No calories

At Risk Life we understand that at its’ very worst, especially bipolar 1 and be a debilitating hard road
through life. We also understand and the underwriters we work with understand that those are the
cases that just never seem to find the right combination to bring calm and focus and control. Well
controlled bipolar 1, in the absence of a really damaging past, can be approved for life insurance. The
risk lies in lack of or sporadic control.

With bipolar 2, the less volatile cousin, good control can unleash incredible results. Take a look
sometime at the people who have led this world and led our largest companies that were bipolar. Those
are the public lists. At Risk Life it has become apparent that high positions in government, companies,
police departments and entertainment are competed for and many times won by people who are
theoretically mentally ill.