Anxiety and depression are something close to a common denominator for Americans. Whether self-
imposed because we are type A workaholics, or as a natural reaction to the state of our nation, being a
bit anxious seems, well, normal and medication to smooth out that roller coaster seems like the prudent
thing to do. Please don’t think that at Risk Life we are proponents of popping a pill as a way to avoid
dealing with issues. When even life insurance underwriters agree that there are mood disorders that
don’t rise to the level of needing psychiatric help and they see the risk disappear through carefully
treated and monitored anxiety, let’s take the better rates and not add the opposite to our stack of
things to worry about.

Just as with any mood disorder, underwriters are looking for stability and control. Another facet that
underwriters look at closely is compliance with treatment. Is the proposed insured taking medication
daily as prescribed or only as needed based on their own criteria? Life insurance underwriters see the
potential for problems when people wing it and medicate as needed for the simple reason that if you
take an anti-anxiety medication when you are already feeling stressed or anxious, until the medication
catches up with the situation you have lost the stability that you should have.