At Risk Life we wouldn’t even have our ores in the water if it weren’t for the fact that, without
exaggerating, out of nearly two thousand companies licensed to sell life insurance in our nation, less
than 20 have significantly changed their underwriting guidelines since 1970. There is a serious lack of
understanding when a company underwrites ADD at the same rate as another company underwrites

At this point we’ll inject a little Risk Life theory. The life insurance companies that rise to the top, the
companies that move and shake and don’t miss a chance to be the first to recognize when something
needs to change, are companies that have executives and underwriters who understand ADD, ADHD,
Anxiety, Stress, Depression and even Bipolar Disorder on a personal level.

ADD, ADHD and the manic side of bipolar disorder all have downsides. Generally if you can dig through
the fog what it comes down to is there is so much going on in those heads that they are having problems
organizing and focusing. Once a treatment is found that doesn’t suppress all the stuff, but organizes and
focuses it, you have successful entrepreneurs, CEO’s, physicians, attorneys and leaders of all types. Why
would an underwriter of a go getting impaired risk life insurance company throw high rates at this type
of situation if it’s well controlled. At Risk Life we believe that the best companies are probably loaded
with employees who know the power of a well-controlled mood disorder.