Life Insurance For HIV Positive A Reality!

We laid out a rumor about HIV Positive life insurance with all of the appropriate disclaimers yesterday. “This is a rumor and should be treated as a rumor with no guarantees or warranties as to where it came from, if it contains any truth or is nothing more than a belated April Fool’s joke”. Today we are ready to drop the disclaimer and declare the fact that the HIV life insurance risk that has so long eluded traditional life insurance approval has been found.

Are there criteria to qualify for approval? Sure there are? Will they be so strict that no one can actually qualify? We’ve run them by a trusted doctor and, while there will be a lot that won’t qualify, it appears that the numbers of potential approval is substantial, probably in the 200,000+ range. But we have to keep our eye on the prize in these situations. If a company just dives into the deep end and gets over their head with too much HIV risk, this will have just been an experiment rather than a beginning.

We mentioned yesterday that underwriting changes are nothing more than rumor until the approvals start, but having gone over the guidelines with the underwriters and with the backup of two of the largest reinsurance companies, we’re confident that approvals will come. For those whose medical records reflect the required guidelines, there should be no reason for not approving applications.

So, guidelines go something like this. First the basic guidelines.

1. Applicant has no history of Hep C, IV drug use or AIDS generated collateral diseases


2. Applicant was diagnosed more than 3 years ago and has undergone aggressive Anti-retroviral treatment consistently for 3+ years.


3.  Applicant’s viral load is non detectable and CD4 lymphocyte count is normal. The trial quote portion of the process will require lab results showing Baseline CD4 and nadir.

Further refinement for the best case consideration involves:

1. Optimally being diagnosed between the ages of 20-39 and applicant being HIV positive for 5 or more years, with early, aggressive treatment,  compliant and consistent treatment that is well documented. Blood work and medical surveillance also needs to be well documented.


2. Applicants may have to be involved in release of records for underwriting as we anticipate a reluctance to release HIV records.


3. The applicant’s CD4 count was high and viral load was low at the time of diagnosis. The CD4 nadir (lowest value) is predictive for long term mortality.


4. Liver and kidney functions have been consistently normal and the applicant has a negative Hep B surface antigen.

5. Client is a NON-smoker (there is substantial evidence of increased in mortality associated with smoking and HIV+)


6. If HIV was contracted from sexual contact, applicant is currently practicing safe-sex and/or is in a monogamous relationship. Applicant lifestyle does not lend itself to exposure to Hepatitis or STD’s. HIV is the only STD the applicant is being treated for.


7. Applicant is clear of signs of early coronary artery disease or renal disease.

The criteria, the guidelines, reflect the results of early detection and prudent, if not aggressive, treatment. Again, a lot of HIV+ people won’t qualify, but for those that do they will be among the first in the country to actually have traditional life insurance place in force. Understand that this isn’t some unknown insurance company hanging it out there to see if they can make money. This is the culmination of years of studying the improving picture and details of HIV+. If you have questions or would like to get a questionnaire to see if you might qualify, call or email. We can help.


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Every year millions are needlessly declined for life insurance or approved and paying far more than they need to. For 14 years, I have specialized in turning those situations around and finding the right life insurance solution at affordable rates. I give every client the personal attention they deserve.

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