Life Insurance Application Process

At Risk Life there are four steps that happen before you actually review and sign an application.

1. You contact us and ask for help. We never cold call or contact anyone that hasn’t asked us to.
2. We do an initial interview that includes an extensive set of health questions. No matter what
health challenge you might have you still go through all the questions. If you answer yes we
dig deeper and make sure we have a clear understanding of your history, even if it started as a
3. If we don’t feel like we have enough information to satisfy an underwriter we ask your
assistance in getting answers. If you have diabetes and don’t know what your last A1c was, we
will ask you to go to your doctor’s office and find out, and while you’re there get the last two or
three sets of labs they had done.
4. Satisfied we have all the information we shop it to generally about 20 companies and their
underwriters. From their responses we choose your best opportunity to get an affordable rate
and deliver those quotes to you. We answer your questions. We provide you any additional
information or quotes you need and then when you tell us to move ahead we send you an

When you say go, we don’t waste any time. You will have an application sent out electronically usually
the same day and an exam will be ordered. We ask you to review the application for accuracy and
send it back signed and let you know that a local examiner will be in touch to set an appointment at
your convenience. Once we have your application and exam done we package everything up to go to
the home office electronically, including, and this is vital to your success, a copy of the email from the
underwriter that has already informally reviewed your case.

Medical records are acquired and there will almost always be an underwriter question or two. If we
have question that needs answered we call and/or email you immediately and almost always have the
answer to the company the same day. No one wants the process to drag so we’re very persistent in
making sure information flows quickly. We also stay in touch weekly through this process so you are
never left in the dark. We get updates and so do you.

Then comes the approval. We call and discuss it because even if it’s exactly what we quoted, and in
most cases it is, it is still an offer until you accept it. Once accepted we get the policy in force as soon as
possible because, after all, that is what the process was for.