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And while we’re on the subject of those who seem more at risk in an increasingly upset and dangerous world, let’s not leave out journalists and civilian contractors. Not that terrorism has ever had a conscience, but with the explosion of groups that purport to be the voice of the world of Islam, Christians and Aid Workers put their lives on the line daily trying to help those displaced and war weary. Life insurance won’t put those committed to doing the right thing at any less risk, but for each of those at risk there are family members praying and depending on their safe return.

The same can be said for anyone whose job, jobs that don’t do any harm to terrorists, become targets of lunatics. The recent brutal slaying of freelance journalist James Foley, as awful as it is, just happened to get more press than so many who are killed daily for the same purpose. Terrorists want the world to fear the consequences of being true to their faith or just doing their job. Just the list of Christians slain by Islamic extremists since the official declaration of the war on terror after 9/11 is unfathomable. Just those killed in the last month is staggering.

The last moniker we want hung on us is that of ambulance chaser or life insurance terrorists. We pray for missionaries and for the families like those of James Foley.At the same time we feel a need to at least let those people who are in harms way that there is reasonably priced life insurance and accidental death and dismemberment insurance that covers acts of war and terrorism virtually anywhere in the world. The AD&D is a product we’ve helped a lot of civilian contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan with. International term insurance is geared toward missionaries and those who spend most of every year out of the country. We’ve been able to help missionaries no matter how stable or unstable an area they are serving in. With International term life insurance there is an exam required that can be done while home on a visit to the US or can be done by an English speaking doctor where you’re serving. If the exam is done where you serve you are reimbursed up to $200 for the expense.

The flexibility of the products we can offer through Lloyds of London reaches out to those who will be completely ignored by traditional US life insurance companies. The ability to put coverage in force while you are out of the country, even if you are currently in a war zone, all done electronically removes the hurdles. If you have questions or need quotes, even if you are currently out of the country, call or email us. We can help.


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Every year millions are needlessly declined for life insurance or approved and paying far more than they need to. For 14 years, I have specialized in turning those situations around and finding the right life insurance solution at affordable rates. I give every client the personal attention they deserve.

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