War Zones

A whole new career category opened up with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan with civilian contractors
doing everything from rebuilding war torn infrastructure to sub-contracting to the government for non-
combat roles such as translating, air and ground troop ferrying and security services. These jobs pay well
and for those that can handle doing it long term there are huge tax breaks.

Risk Life specializes in war zone coverage for death, dismemberment and permanent disability. We can
also offer medevac and repatriation of remains for those who are working remotely. Before settling in
with Lloyds of London as our primary carrier for war zone coverage we tried other companies that were
quoting prices 3-4 times higher and didn’t have the track record that Lloyds has.

We can quote and write coverage to be in place when you fly out and we can also do the entire process
via email if you get there and discover that life and disability were forgotten or maybe underestimated.
We generally get the remote work done by fax or email, but just recently had a client that didn’t
have access to either, but he was able to take a picture of the completed application and payment
authorization and get coverage in force that way. If you need it, Risk Life will find a way to get it done as
quickly as possible.