Every occupation has risk, but for the sake of life insurance company guidelines, they differentiate
between those jobs that don’t add risk to your everyday life and those jobs that clearly put you more in
harm’s way than, with a few notable exceptions being police and firefighters. From our view at Risk Life
the occupation dictates who we go to for coverage.

Active duty military can get standard risk insurance through MetLife if they apply before leaving the
country, with the notable exception of Special Forces, SEALS, etc.

Other occupations that need to be approached creatively are skydiving instructors, flight instructors,
offshore oil workers, commercial fishermen, civilian contractors in dangerous areas, private and
commercial pilots if they are doing something out of the ordinary such as bush piloting, banner towing,

Approaching creatively is the key with a lot of occupations and activities. Traditional life insurance
companies are not always the best source to cover the risky part of the picture. Occasionally it’s
necessary to take an exclusion on a traditional policy for the extraordinary risk and couple it with
a policy that only covers that risk from a risk specialty company such as Lloyds of London. This can
generally be done at substantial savings over trying to fit it all in one package.

With Risk Life you can be assured that we are going to look at your individual occupation needs from
every angle with our focus being total coverage and affordability.