Missionary Work

It hasn’t been any secret that traditional life and health insurance companies really don’t want anything
to do with those who do missionary work. It’s also no secret that mission work can be dangerous and
deadly. The Great Commission called for people to go to all the world teaching God’s word and baptizing
people. That’s putting a lot of people in places that are simply unstable, or aren’t real keen on having
the predominant religion in that area challenged.

For those who do short term missions we can sometimes get traditional life insurance and provide
Lloyds medical trip insurance. For those who are spending their lives in the mission field we can provide
international term insurance and international medical insurance. Again, if you can let us know your
plans before you leave we can have the appropriate package in place before you take off. If you are
already there we can usually put coverage in force while you’re in the field. The only tricky part is getting
the exam done, but usually clients can arrange to have it done (in English) and Lloyds reimburses the
expense up to $200.