Avocations are those things we do to keep from getting bored. If your avocation, or hobby, is fly fishing
or photography, or non-competitive motorcycle riding or skiing, your avocation risk is considered
standard and there’s no trick to getting the best rate class on your traditional life insurance policy.

If, on the other hand, you race cars, motorcycles or airplanes, do any kind of technical climbing outside
of a gym, skydive, base jump or scuba dive wrecks or caves or try any kind of dangerous record setting
like skydiving 24 miles, skiing at 120 mph or free diving (holding your breath) to 214 meters or jumping
motorcycles over things that should be driven around, Risk Life can find the coverage you need without
the embarrassing huge extra charges that traditional life insurance companies charge.

We can arrange coverage for a one time event or year round coverage for those who rock climb or
skydive every time they have the free time. Risk Life can put together package coverage for commercial
events that don’t just cover the life of the person taking the risk, but the sponsors in case of event