While Risk Life Insurance specializes in getting general aviation and commercial aviation pilots traditional life
insurance with no exclusions and no extra charges, there are some types of flying make traditional
companies cringe. Bush pilots are a great example. Runways are a luxury they rarely see. Because of the
type of work they do they usually can’t cancel because the weather changes.

Pilots that tow banners and gliders, as well as pilots who fly jump planes for skydivers take a hit from
traditional companies and generally speaking those same companies aren’t too fond of pilots who like to
fly upside down.

This is when a creative Risk Life Insurance approach to coverage can save the day. The good news is that pilots
are usually a healthy lot, so we can get traditional coverage at the best rate class and exclude aviation
coverage. We follow that up with a Lloyds policy that covers the aviation only and the package is always
less than trying to get the traditional company to carry the whole risk.