Sleep Apnea

One of the underwriting challenges of sleep apnea has always been the compliance issue and again
modern medicine has helped track that issue for the patient’s good with the side effect of making it
easier to aggressively underwrite. Compliance with cpap use has always been one of the toughest parts
of sleep apnea treatment. You rarely hear of anyone that loves their cpap. Their wife might love it and
patients might initially find relief that overcomes the awkwardness of the device, but in far too many
instances the cpap becomes an occasionally used treatment.

Using a cpap with a monitoring and recording capability allows the doctor to work more closely with
their patients on what is really a sensitive issue. Using it occasionally is never the prescribed treatment
and now if a patient is found to be taking pap nights off there can be a more candid conversation about
other devices and other methods of treatment. While these types of cpap are by no stretch of the
imagination in wide use, we have seen more favorable approvals given when medical records include
proof of compliance.