Obesity/Weight Loss Surgery

Risk Life has always been at the forefront of helping weight challenged clients find affordable life
insurance. Like diabetes, obesity life insurance underwriting has to look at more than height and weight,
with the associated long term health risks really being the underwriting challenge. With obesity being
the primary cause of type 2 diabetes and leading factors in high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease
and cancer, companies have recently shifted toward a little more conservative underwriting approach.

Until recently there were companies that would approve builds in the BMI range of 55. The best of those
just changed their underwriting guidelines to decline anything over a BMI of 50.

This turn around has been offset by a change in underwriting thinking when it comes to bariatric surgery
or lap band procedures. Where life insurance underwriters used to be more skeptical of rapid weight
loss through intervention they are now seeing procedures that are less dangerous and more successful
and results that can turn around health problems within just a few weeks. When the results include
the ability to be cured of type 2 diabetes and being able to discontinue blood pressure medication,
underwriters are paying attention.