Breast Cancer

Breast cancer life insurance underwriting is another area that has made significant gains just because of
far more aggressive screening which had led to early detection. Underwriters are eager to approve early
stage and grade breast cancer because they know that the survival rates are light years ahead of what
was possible even 10 years ago.

Where there were often 1 to 3 or even 5 year waiting periods after treatment of breast cancer,
companies have recently rocked the underwriting world by announcing that they will approve some
breast cancer at standard rates immediately following successful treatment. This is huge for someone
who has just run headlong into their own mortality. Not having to wait years for life insurance approval
can bring peace of mind that is just one of the pieces of putting your life back on track.

This is why Risk Life shops all cases to multiple companies. We never know when an underwriting
change might be prompted because of a case we present. Again, we never assume underwriting is