Is There Clear And Present Risk In Your Job?

In this day of global economy and instant media, more and more people, from reporters doing their job in battle torn areas to civilian contractors in war zones and reality TV shows being filmed in unstable areas of the world, there have never been more ways outside of the military to risk your life for a living. As recently reported by the AP, “at least 70 journalists were killed on the job around the world in 2013,” according to the New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ).

Missionaries and aid workers are more and more targeted for the terrorism punch of it all. Just like reporters, whether embedded with military units, covering political conflicts in the Middle East and Africa or investigating unrest in Central and South America, organizations like doctors without borders are attacked and members killed or kidnapped. Missionaries have worn targets on their backs for as long as they’ve dared to reach out in dangerous areas to help those who someone else would like to see suffer.

In addition to a variety of intimidation tactics, drug cartels and religious zealots use murder, kidnapping and corruption as methods of information control, making those who bravely work to get the truth out or the help in, balance their passion for truth and compassion with their instinct to stay out of harm’s way.  There is a clear and present risk to missionaries, journalists, aid workers and civilian contractors all over the world.

We have access to a high risk portfolio of appropriate insurances products in order to mitigate practical and economic risks endured by these at risk groups.  Short and long term International Term Life insurance is available worldwide on an individual or group basis.  War & Terrorism coverage is often added to high risk accidental death insurance, disability income insurance and major medical insurance plans.  And especially war correspondents are seeking kidnap & ransom or life insurance, which includes crisis response services. According to the CPJ, “sixty journalists have been abducted in Syria this year (2013) alone.  Thirty are still missing.”

Just like the rest of the world, insurance and the possibility of disaster are often set aside, but when you are engaged in activities where risk to life and literally risk to limb are not a rare occurrences, the proper insurance is prudent and reasonable. If you have questions about what insurance would cost for your particular risk, whether an occupation or an avocation, call or email us. We can help.

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