About Risk Life

While theoretically all life insurance contains an element of risk, mortality risk to be specific, Risk
Life Insurance was born of necessity for a professional, structured approach to those life insurance
applicants whose health would place them in impaired risk underwriting or whose occupation or
lifestyle would place them in high risk underwriting.

There are few ways to truly emphasize just how underserved or poorly served these areas of life
insurance are. The challenge is that for an agent to have the knowledge it takes to professionally advise
a client in health risk impairments such as type 1 or 2 diabetes, mental health issues such as depression
and ADHD, or the tricky underwriting of alcohol or prescription drug abuse, it takes experience. To be
able to deliver reasonably priced insurance for high risk situations takes experience and commitment
that is rare in the life insurance business.

Risk Life combines the experience of several of the nation’s leading impaired risk and high risk agents.
We’ve grown into an unparalleled go to agency by combining the best business practices of the best
impaired risk and high risk agents with the best resources of the country’s top impaired risk and high
risk life insurance underwriters. We don’t leave anything to chance by doing extensive field underwriting
with clients before we ever go for an underwriting opinion, call shopping. We know the client well by
understanding when and where their challenge started, how it affected their life before diagnosis and
how things have changed since diagnosis. We seek to know what they’re doing right, and if they’ve
stumbled, what they did to get back on track. We emphasize the importance of compliance with
treatment and best practices for a person’s impairment and how critical it is for them to understand
their own illness well enough to be proactive in their everyday life.

We bring the same kind of experience to the table for high risk insurance clients. Whether they are
driven enough to work in a war zone for the high income have a desire to skydive from 24 miles up,
we can offer insurance affordably priced for the risk and also for the event. We can accommodate
trip coverage or one time chances to climb mountains. We can plug the gap in life insurance that has
excluded certain activities with coverage just for that activity. We can provide international and high risk
business life insurance and disability coverage in a business climate that is becoming more global every

What Risk Life Insurance brings to the table is experience and knowledge that the average agent will
never gain, experience and knowledge that is added to with each new case we take on. We don’t just
focus on an approval, but an approval that will stand up against any competitor. Because underwriting is
evolving and client’s situations change Risk Life evaluates every client every year to see if there is a way
to improve on the approval we got for them.

We aren’t here to compete with the big on line agencies for the most applications. We’re here to
give the personal service to the clients they can’t take the time to help. We specialize in high risk life
insurance and impaired risk life insurance and our clients benefit from that singular focus.