12 Reasons To Use Risk Life!

Finding a life insurance agent, especially one that is well educated in impaired risk life insurance(illness) and high risk (occupations, hobbies, etc) cases, isn’t done by the luck of the draw. You can’t just go to the phone book (like anyone does that today) or the internet and hope you make an informed decision. I know you don’t want to hear this but your best bet for finding a great life insurance agent isn’t through trial and error, but arghh, homework. The 12 reasons below don’t mean anything if I can’t show you how to find out if they are real.

Your hunt for a life insurance agent is a personal decision because your situation, your health condition, your life style, your family history and other factors are uniquely yours. There are 200,000 plus or minus life insurance agents in the country and most of them, almost all of them, are focused on themselves and making money. It’s a job and making money is part of that but most agents put that ahead of you. Most agents avoid the education process and narrow themselves into a profitable but not necessarily helpful (to you) niche. Let you gut guide you. If anything about the presentation on the internet or the first contact with the agent feels less than adequate, don’t pursue it any further. The right life insurance agent who represent the right companies is out there for you. So on to the list.

  1. I listen to you and take note of what you want and don’t want from me. I don’t present life insurance solutions or quotes until I know they will fit into your goals and needs.
  2. I am honest about life insurance products. There are products out there, indexed universal life being one, that may be great for the agent and life insurance company, but are an expensive waste of money for you. Remember, this is about you, not me.
  3. My staff and I are committed to excellence in customer service. We have a large client base and I believe you would be hard pressed to find even one that says we don’t stay in touch and respond quickly to whatever they need.
  4. I hate to be “sold” something as in being pushed toward making a decision. I promise never to be that or do that and even lean in that direction if you do business with me. When you ask, “How do we get started?” we’ll discuss that, but before that it is all about making sure we have presented the right options and answered all of your questions.
  5. I always honor your budget. I don’t create your budget and I will not be the one that busts it. If you tell me your life insurance budget is $500 a year I will show you every option that falls within that price range and not try to move you above it.
  6. I have created a system with my great staff that allows us to cut life insurance application time to almost half of the industry average. We don’t cut corners, but neither do we drag our feet in getting the approval you need. In certain business life insurance situations we can deliver approved policies in just 3 to 4 days.
  7. I have spent nearly 18 years learning about the risks that affect life insurance and don’t have a day go by when I don’t study and add to that knowledge base. I know the questions to ask for your specific situation or will send you a questionnaire that will allow me to present your case to an underwriter without any information blanks.
  8. I speak to each of my clients once or twice a year just to let them know I am available for questions and customer service. They aren’t sales calls. Just like my thoughts on being sold above I leave it up to you to bring up the subject of whether you need more life insurance or want to replace your current policy with something different.
  9. I give every application for life insurance full commitment to obtaining the rate I quoted. Unlike a lot of agents and especially large online agencies, I am willing to try again if we don’t get something right the first time.
  10. I have a reputation in the industry for being honest and hardworking. That reputation and my work ethic are why I hold 51 licenses that have all been in good standing with no complaints for 18 years.
  11. I have a growing presence outside of the US to expand our reach for those who travel or work overseas or foreign nationals who live or work here or need coverage they can’t obtain in their own count. We have a large customer base for missionaries and civilian contractors in war zones.
  12. My commitment to you is just that, a commitment for honesty, fairness and hard work. You deserve it.

I consider the opportunity to become your life insurance agent a privilege and hope that you will check me out on line through both of my websites and determine how I can best serve you. If you have questions please call or email directly. We can help.


About the Author

Every year millions are needlessly declined for life insurance or approved and paying far more than they need to. For 14 years, I have specialized in turning those situations around and finding the right life insurance solution at affordable rates. I give every client the personal attention they deserve.

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