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We understand that everyone’s insurance needs are different. To best help you find the right insurance policy at the right price, we prefer a one on one conversation.

Even if you have been declined life insurance in the past, been “rated,” work in a high-risk occupation, are over 50 or have health problems, Risk Life may be able to help you.

Contact us at 866-539-7914, or fill out our Info Request form.

Impaired Risk

What Is Impaired Risk Insurance? Painted with a broad brush impaired risk is really talking about any life insurance applicant that doesn’t meet all the criteria for preferred plus rates, the best rate class available. More specifically Risk Life Insurance defines impaired risk as any health risk that, in the hands of a cookie cutter agent or company, ends up with a less than satisfactory approv...

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High Risk

What Is High Risk Insurance? It can certainly be argued that a high risk life insurance company that is willing to insure the life of someone who has, for instance, a history of melanoma is taking on a high risk compared to insuring someone with no history of cancer. But remember that problematic health history is what impaired risk life insurance is all about. Risk Life Insurance also specializes...

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About Risk Life

While theoretically all life insurance contains an element of risk, mortality risk to be specific, Risk Life Insurance was born of necessity for a professional, structured approach to those life insurance applicants whose health would place them in impaired risk underwriting or whose occupation or lifestyle would place them in high risk underwriting. There are few ways to truly emphasize just how...

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Risk Life Insurance

Risk Life Insurance holds a unique place in the industry, taking on the cases that most agents don’t want to work on or don’t know how to work on. We made a decision 14 years ago that there were plenty of life insurance agents out there helping the young and healthy and far too few who are really focused on those who have been denied or approved at a rate so high that it simply won’t fit in the budget.

In the risk life insurance business it’s called impaired risk life insurance. The challenge for you as someone searching for affordable life insurance is finding one of the few groups for who impaired risk is not a key word, but an occupation. It’s not about getting someone to call us and apply through us. It’s not even just about getting a life insurance approval when you’ve been declined before. For Risk Life Insurance this is about understanding your impairment well enough and presenting the facts to life insurance underwriters in such a way that they see why they should approve you. We want them to understand that approval at the best possible rate is a prudent choice for their company. It’s our job to make them want your business.

The majorities of risk life insurance agencies and agents competing for your business don’t understand impaired risks such as type 1 or type 2 diabetes, cancer, heart disease and seizure disorders. They don’t know what questions to ask if you have sleep apnea, depression or bipolar disorder. The truth is most of them have no idea what a life insurance underwriter needs to know to approve the case, even when the impairment is simple high blood pressure.

When you contact Risk Life Insurance you become part of the team working on your behalf. We need to know all that you know about your impairment and what other agents have told you about why they think you can’t get life insurance. We enlist you to provide us with the information, the ammunition it takes to approach our handpicked life insurance underwriters and know that they will have all their questions answered without having to ask. Before an application is ever signed we have one or more of the industry’s best impaired risk insurance underwriters on board. They’re on our side and are going to do everything possible to see us all succeed.

Risk Life is not the Superman of the life insurance business and we don’t want companies to accept unreasonable risk. But every single day there are hundreds of life insurance applications that are declined when they shouldn’t be. Every day there are hundreds of life insurance applications that are treated unfairly and approved at a rate that is higher than deserved. Risk Life Insurance has devoted 100% of our business to impaired risk and high risk life insurance because tragically there are hundreds of people every day who just give up. They are convinced by the experience they’ve been through and the agents they’ve dealt with that they will just have to do without. That’s not good enough.